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1962 In Grezzana, Verona, a region internationally recognized for the production of marble and granite, Mr. Agostino Falzi founds “Marmotecnica”, an artisan enterprise specialized in marble works.

1970 Based upon his conviction that granite would be become increasingly popular due to architectural demand, Mr. Falzi transforms Marmotecnica into Granitex.

1980 Considerable capital expenditures are made to improve Granitex’s physical plant and update all of its machinery. The company aggressively pursues new materials and markets around the world. In order to enable the company to constantly develop new materials and sources of supply, block divisions Eastern Granit Germany and Eastern Granit Italy are established. Personal selection, inspection and control of all raw materials from around the world, including India, Brazil, Africa, North America, Australlia, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Italy, France, Iran, Finland and Spain is initiated.

1990 Responding to increasing demand from emerging markets not well acquainted with granite and in order to better serve its established clientelle with guaranteed quality and quantity of materials, two new Granitex subsidiaries, Nord Star Graniti and Granif, are formed.

Raw Materials – more intensive personal inspection and control of all new and existing materials. Many of the new materials result from the efforts of the block division, Eastern Granit.

Production – continued improvements and updating to the company’s physical plants to ensure higher quality and superior service.

Distribution – Eastern Granit Polska is established, Eastern Granit Italy’s facilities are renovated and Granitex adds its new slabs warehouse and stockyard in Affi.

2003 Granitex, by the new warehouses in Affi (Verona), creates “Stonexpo”, a window of unique natural and semiprecious stones from all around the world.

2006 Eastern Granit Italy (Granitex Blocks Division) enters in partnership with “Brasil Quarries” a brasilian company based in Vitoria (ES) specialized in blocks & Quarries. This is to increase the research of new materials, develope and open new quarries and distribute blocks and slabls directly from Brasil all over the world.

2010 Brasil Quarries moves to Nova Venecia, 12 km from the quarry of Giallo Napoleone. A new deposit for the storage of the blocks has been established.

2011 It starts the construction of a brand new factory for cutting blocks of Brazilian materials with traditional gang saw and multi diamond-wire machines. Production of slabs automatic lines for resining, honing and polishing.

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